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  • What is the prefix?

    Squad Bot's prefix is *

    Squad Bot Premium's prefix is $

    These are the default prefixes that come with the bot; they are completely changable.

  • How do I change the settings?

    To change the settings do {prefix}settings and you will get a menu with all the settings.

    If you need help do {prefix}settingslist and you will get a menu with all the settings formatted correctly. Remeber to put {prefix}settings infront of any settings command you do!

    Note: Please replace "{prefix}" in the sentences about with the prefix for your server, ex: *settings

  • How do I get Squad Bot Premium into my Server?

    After you buy Squad Bot Premium join the Agent Squad Productions official Discord, open a ticket, and contact the Owners so they can add your Discord to the approved list and give you an invite.

  • How do I pay for Squad Bot Premium?

    You will be redirected to our billing page. Once there follow the sets to check out.

    Squad Bot Premium is a monthly(or yearly) service so you can not pay once, and if you do not pay on time you will be notifed then your server will be taken off the approved list.

    We do our payment through PayPal so you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

  • How often is there downtime?

    Our bots rarely ever go down for long periods of time.

    When they go down it is ussually due to updates, error correcting, or just general mantience which lasts up to an hour at the most.

    We always notify our users when the bot goes down or up.

  • When will new things come out?

    Our team is very busy working on all of our amazing products and since the bots are working quite well updates come periodicly.

    Our team also doesn't like to put no time into updates so when updates do arrive they will ussually be on the bigger side of things.

  • Are there any restrictions on the backup system?

    The only restrictions is that Squad Bot users can only backup 5 messages per channel.

    Squad Bot Premium users can backup all messages per channel.